Espacejeux : Dangerous!
This casino is not reliable, we do not recommend it to our readers. You will lose money!
  • Varied games
  • Possibility to play from everywhere
  • Zero customer service
  • Difficult to withdraw your money
  • The casino is not sure
  • Ergonomics rating
  • Opinion on the games
  • Notice on withdrawals
  • Safety advisory
  • Notice on the support

After to play

There is more and more choice on the market of online casinos. This is the reason why you should choose wisely for a safe and fun experience. In the case of this casino, we were unfortunately not convinced about its reliability. We strongly recommend to play on another site for a better experience.
The opinions of certain customers
The payment facility
The bonuses
The opinions of certain customers
The payment facility
The bonuses
The opinions of certain customers
The payment facility
The bonuses
After to play

Finding a good online casino to play on today can be an obstacle course. It is for this reason that with our expert hands in the matter, we make sure to test these casinos for you and to give you our opinions in all sincerity.

Casino Avantages Bonus
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For our test of the day, players from Canada, Quebec or Toronto you will be served with our review of the Espacejeux casino!

If you want to find out about the offers of this online casino, read our opinion below.

Casino Avantages Bonus
  • Frequent promotions
  • Customer service very welcoming
120% up to 240$ Enjoy

Registration at the Espacejeux casino

How to register on the Espacejeux casino site? This is what we will show you first in this review of the Espacejeux casino.

Registration on the Canadian casino Espacejeux  is the easiest step to do in any other casino, but on Espacejeux the step has proven to be relatively tedious, as we will show you below.

To do this, you will only have to go to the Espacejeux casino site, if necessary, you will then be able to see the small tab on which is registered “Registration”, you click on it.
You will then have to fill in the information that the site will ask you with, in addition: your name, first name, address, your title, your promo code if you have one. Once this so-called administrative step is finished, it is then time to communicate other more detailed information to the casino, in particular with regard to your address, information relating to your account between password and nickname.

Finally, this step, you will then have to send your bank details last.

Then you will have to wait, while the Espacejeux casino verifies all the information you have provided. And once validated, you will then have a confirmation email in your mailbox, which will allow you to confirm and validate your account and in particular deposit your first deposit there, to finally start playing.

How do I log into my player account at Espacejeux casino?

Once your validation email has been confirmed, you can then log in to start playing at Espacejeux casino.
To do this, you must log on to the tab at the top right of the Espacejeux casino site with  the name “Connection”,  you will then be asked to enter your pseudonym and password, so you will have access to the room of Espacejeux casino games.

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What to do if you forget? This can happen to anyone forgetting the password or the nickname. For this, you will have at your fingertips the option of clicking on “forgotten password or even pseudo forgotten”, and the site will then send you a verification message on your mailbox to change or update your forgotten password or pseudo .

Who has access to the Espacejeux casino gaming platform?

Casino Espacejeux imposes fairly strict conditions to have access to its gaming site, this may be too restrictive for most Canadian players, especially those who do not reside in the country. Casino Espacejeux thus imposes three important criteria to be able to register on its site and which are as follows:

  • To be 18 years old or more, for that it is completely legitimate.
    Be a resident of Quebec or have a Quebec residence.
  • Be physically present in Quebec.

As you can see, the access conditions are too strict, and can be an obstacle for many Canadian players.

Espacejeux casino review: withdrawal / deposit

As we pointed out at the beginning of our article on Espacejeux casino reviews,  registration on this casino is very rigorous and extremely complex.  Indeed, just for the confirmation of your address, the casino sends you confirmation letters by post box, so they will be sure that you are a resident of Quebec.

And it is only after this rigorous step, that you will be able to deposit your first deposit to start playing.

Again, the mishap continues with too few services in place.

You will then have the right to make your first deposit  and all others, if applicable, only in Canadian dollars.

In addition, you will only be able to use a very limited list of banking methods which is limited only to:

  • Visa credit cards as well as Mastercard and debit cards with the exception of prepaid cards and business cards.
    From a payment in invoice mode
  • Via Interac
  • Wire Transfer.

It is also important to note that you must choose your banking option when you register, it must be said that during our review of this site, you will have trouble finding the banking options that are not indicated anywhere on the site.

Obviously, by depositing money at Espacejeux casino, it is in the hope of withdrawing your winnings afterwards! If however you manage to win at Espace Jeu casino, how do you go about claiming your withdrawals?

120% bonus up to 240 CAD

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  • More bonuses
  • Quick withdrawal
  • Miscellaneous games
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For the withdrawal of your winnings at Espace Jeu casino, you will once again have a very limited service at this casino, with in addition a single withdrawal method which is bank transfer.


Are withdrawals fast at Espacejeux casino?

The question that everyone is asking about online casinos and that is also the argument for choosing a good online casino, which is the withdrawal period! What about the Espace Jeu casino?
Withdrawals from this casino  are extremely slow, the worst casino we have seen so far. During our Espace Jeu casino test, we found that complaints about withdrawals not received from the casino were too frequent.

And it’s true, we were faced with the same situation, an identity verification after request for postponement which takes days and withdrawals that you can receive after weeks of waiting, knowing that the bank transfer and the only means of withdrawal but also the longest.


Is there customer support at Espacejeux casino?

It goes without saying, all online casinos have customer support. As for the Espacejeux casino,  it also has clinical assistance  that you can reach in the event of a problem, or if you need any questions, its service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you will be able to reach them via a free telephone number or by email.

This is the presentation made by Espacejeux casino of its service, but the reality is quite different. Indeed, during our registration on Espacejeux, the support of the latter welcomed us with open arms and answered all our questions. But once reached the stage of withdrawals and other problems due to the games of this casino, the behavior to change and we then faced a real wall that no longer responds to calls and our emails.

We then fell back to  the FAQ section , but once again a big disappointment on the part of the Espacejeux casino, with its FAQ section which deals only with the most basic questions. It would indeed need to be updated.

Espacejeux: the games offered by the casino!

The catalog of Espacejeux games is not revolutionary, it presents, in fact, a toy library which is divided into four different categories with in addition:

  • Slot machines
  • Table games
  • Express games
  • Poker videos

Slot machines

Slot machines are undoubtedly the favorite games of Canadian players, Espacejeux has put this forward by offering a variety of different slots with:

Casino Avantages Bonus
  • Frequent promotions
  • Customer service very welcoming
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  • Progressive jackpot slot machines.
    Classic three reel
    slot machines Video slots

Here are some of the titles we tested during our test of the Espacejeux casino games: Owl Eyes, Flame, Wheel of Fortune, Super Star Turns, Mega Jackpots…


Table games

In the table games category, you will find different games including blackjack, we have three different blackjack games offered by casino Espacejeux which are also:

  • Multihand blackjack Perfect Pairs
    Classic Blackjack
    777 Blazing Blackjack

You will also find other varieties of games in this section including baccarat, poker … however, during our test we did not find roulette games which is disappointing, in addition to table games are only available in their classic version, while all the other casinos make sure to provide a direct mode version to satisfy their players. Casino Espacejeux is happy to offer a 3D version.

Slot machines and table games, Espacejeux casino also offers other games such as keno and bingo…

Espacejeux casino software

To share with you this modest collection of games that we presented above, Espacejeux called on certain online game publishers such as: Openbet, Microgaming IGT, Endemol games,

Are Espacejeux casino games available in demo version?

A good point for Casino Espacejeux which offers a demo version of all the games in its toy library, so you can try them out to get an opinion on their quality before you start making real money at this casino.

The accessibility of Espacejeux casino

You will be able to play the games of the Espacejeux casino from your mobile device, either by logging in directly to the site or by downloading the application for this online casino from the Play Store or App Store. The site is  accessible on all types of Android or iOs mobile media. 
However, we do not recommend that you play on this version, which is not very intuitive and has repetitive bugs.

Obviously the site is also available in computer version, you will not need to download software to play it, it will be enough for you if necessary to connect directly on the site of casino Espacejeux.


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Bonuses at Espacejeux casino

We will now move on to our opinion on the bonuses and promotions offered by Espacejeux casino.

First remark and first disappointment in particular, it is the absence of information on the bonuses and promotions that the site offers, there is no section dedicated to this effect, which is also not too appreciated by the players from Canada. You will also have no information on the offers of the latter.

But we were still able to find the few offers that Casino Espacejeux offers and which are as follows:


A welcome bonus at Espacejeux casino

This may be surprising, but Casino Espacejeux  does not offer a welcome bonus to welcome  newcomers.

This is very surprising, especially when you know that all online casinos without any exception offer a welcome bonus; it is a bit like a routine or a tradition that casino Espacejeux has not respected what it has earned a negative point given by the players of this site.


What does Casino Espacejeux offer?

With no welcome bonus, it’s hard to find a way to keep players happy.  Especially since casino Espacejeux is content to present tournaments for certain games which with exhilarating prizes to be won.


  • On the one hand, poker tournaments, including the “World series of poker“ or even “Monster Stack“.
    A bingo event is also organized every day at 9 p.m. with a prize pool of 500 CAD.
    Bingo tournaments also with a prize pool of CAD 125,000 per month at stake.

As you can see, the offers offered by the Espacejeux casino are too limited and not too attractive, especially in the absence of the welcome bonus, we would have preferred to find more attractive offers. Indeed, at Espacejeux casino if you are not passionate about poker and bingo games, the casino offers you nothing, or free spins on the slot machines, free games…

Casino Avantages Bonus
  • Frequent promotions
  • Customer service very welcoming
120% up to 240$ Enjoy

The icing on the cake is that Casino Espacejeux does not even have a VIP program, to reward loyal players,

All this, only support our opinion on this casino that we consider to be a scam, which only scams the players, and which is not even able to offer the minimum including a welcome bonus, which could reassure players and especially encourage them to play more at the casino.


Negative opinions that can be found on forums or reddit

During our analysis of the Espacejeux casino, we obviously took the trouble to check or consult the comments of the players on this site through the various forums and reddit, and we were surprised by the number of negative opinions that we could meet on this site, between

  • Players who find this casino uninteresting in the absence of attractive bonuses, Others who complain about the limits of games offered by the casino and in particular the mediocrity of
  • the quality of play on the casino …
  • Slow withdrawals
  • Limits of means of payment.
  • Lack of information and poor customer service.

Negative opinions on Casino Espacejeux are coming from everywhere on Casino Espacejeux, we will btranseltre you some of these many opinions issued by dissatisfied and disappointed customers:

“Casino Espacejeux is a scam and the games are rigged, by playing on the slot machines, the latter move after at least an hour of play, and leaves and all the bets are lost and the winnings too. I try with another game and it’s the same, everything is good first and as soon as you start to win the site bug again. “

“Casino Espacejeux offers no welcome bonus, and no information about the other sudden bonuses, all this is shady, I strongly recommend this casino“
“I had to wait for weeks to finally have the withdrawal I asked for , the casino sent me lots of papers for a mediocre square mnrt gain that I hardly won with the interface that keeps bugging “


Our final opinion on Espacejeux casino!

Casino Espacejeux is by far one of the worst experiences we have had so far. With a rigorous registration, the absence of welcome bonuses and the limit of offers in banking methods without forgetting the game collection which is not very interesting and the poor customer service.
It only remains for us to warn you to avoid at all costs this casino, not only does it offer a mediocre service but in addition it does not pay its players and does not keep its commitments.

In short: Espacejeux casino a casino to flee absolutely!

Espacejeux casino review : a casino to absolutely dodge !

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